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Healthwatch Devon will give people a powerful voice locally and nationally.

Locally, Healthwatch Devon will work to help people get the best out of their health and social care services. With your help we will improving health and social care services today and help to shape them for tomorrow. Your Healthwatch is all about local voices being able to influence how local services are designed and delivered. Members of the public, patients, carers and service users alike will be encouraged to work in partnership with us to achieve the best quality care and more choice in the county.

Healthwatch is a new independent consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of the public.

What can Healthwatch Devon do for you?

About Complaints
Finding where to complain is often difficult. Our new tool will help and guide you to position your complaint in the right place, giving you the very best chance to get your complaint heard and make a change.
I use healthcare services
Every voice counts when it comes to shaping and improving the services in your community. We are here to ensure that anyone can express their view or share their feedback and experiences and hold to account those who provide your health and social care services for their standards and any shortcomings. We can listen, advise, point you in the right direction and take up any of your concerns or issues.
I commission care services
Patients and service users are best placed to say what they need and their experiences can positively inform changes and improvements to health and social care services. If you want to improve or develop services we can help by putting you, or your organisation, in touch with patients, service users and the general public or some sector of it, to gather their feedback and inform any decisions and changes you propose to make.
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